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About Multi-Match

Multi-Match® is a lotto-style game. For just $2.00, you get to play 18 numbers with four easy ways to match and win.  When you play Multi-Match, for each game you play, you will be able to select your first line of six numbers or you can choose Quick Pick. You will automatically receive two additional lines of six randomly selected numbers, for a total of 18 numbers. Plus, there are four different ways to win – one chance to win per line, that’s three ways to win and a fourth chance to win by combining the matches in all three lines.

Each playslip has five Multi-Match games.  The cost of each game is $2.00.  To play all five games, the ticket costs $10.

1. Pick Your First Six Numbers

A play consists of 18 numbers. You can select and mark your first six numbers.  Make a heavy vertical mark through each number you choose. Use only pencil or blue or black ink.  Red ink will not be accepted.  If you make a mistake, mark the “VOID” box at the bottom of that game, then use any remaining open games on your playslip to complete your selections. Please do not try to erase errors.  You will automatically receive two additional randomly selected lines of six numbers each for a total of three lines of play, 18 numbers per game, for each single game.

2. Choose Quick Pick

If you want all of your numbers to be randomly selected, mark the Quick Pick box at the bottom of each game you want to play, and all 18 numbers will be automatically selected for you.

3. Play The Same Numbers Up To 10 Times In A Row

If you like, you can play the same numbers for two, three, four, five, or ten drawings in a row, including the next drawing, by marking the appropriate “NUMBER OF DRAWS” box or the DRAW DAY box, if applicable.


Before you give your playslip to the Lottery retailer for processing, be sure to verify that the numbers selected on your playslip are the numbers you want to play.  It is your responsibility to make sure your playslip represents the numbers you wish to play and the drawing(s) you want to enter.  MULTI-MATCH TICKETS CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR VOIDED AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN PROCESSED.

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