Bounty & Airdrop Distribution Finished


Thanks to all the participants for taking part in First Round of Airdrop and Bounty. Though with all delays, we value your effort, truest and patience with the community.

You can check your stakes and reward status in Tracker Sheet. All participants should have been already received reward amount in ZING Token to the wallet address you mentioned during signup.

(In case any of you have not received token yet, you could just shoot us an email on [email protected] with all details you have)

Check token distribution chart and transactions on Token Tracker.

ZING Token Current price is: 0.50 USD.

Upcoming plans:
We are about to make an announcement for ZING ICO schedule and upcoming business plans to make Zeering successful. Meanwhile we will also make an announcement for another round of ZING Airdrop and Bounty for more growth of the community.

Stay tuned for more updates, more opportunities coming soon!

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