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약 Hoosier Lotto

Hoosier Lotto® with +PLUS offers a chance at a jackpot starting at $1,000,000. And, to make it even more exciting, each play has an automatic multiplier that multiplies any non-jackpot cash prizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 5X, or 10X!

  • Ask for a Quick Pick or select six (6) numbers from 1-46. Each play costs $2.
  • Add +PLUS. It's the $1 million game you can add to your game, for just $1.
  • A ticket that matches two (2) or more numbers on a single play wins. Non-jackpot cash prizes will be multiplied by the multiplier found on the winning play.
  • You may play the same numbers for up to 10 draws by marking the number of draws on your playslip at the time of purchase.
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