Introducing Zing Token (ZING) for Zeering Users


With the growth and demand of cryptocurrency, we saw in last 4 years, we decided to create ERC20 based smart contract. ZING Token is ERC20 Ethereum based smart contract, created as a means of payment on Zeering online lottery platform. ZING Token can be used by anyone to buy official lottery tickets on Zeering Online Lottery platform - A marketplace of Official Lottery.

ZING is decentralized and price of the currency will grow in the parallel growth of Zeering platform.  From every commission we earn by sales of lottery tickets on Zeering platform, ZING token value will increase as the capital of Zeering raises in the community.

ZING token is the primary cryptocurrency on Zeering platform, consumers can exchange ZING token with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Zeering has an internal exchange which can be used to exchange Zeering supported cryptocurrency with ZING token.

ZING Ethereum smart contract can be verified for details on Etherscan. The initial distribution of ZING is divided across various team members and operations needed to make the successful growth of Zeering platform. Distribution of Token plays the major role deciding the shareholders with exact value. The radio is divided based on the actual need to operate Zeering business and the functions with best management strategies. 

ZING Specifications




ERC20 Standard Smart Contract

Contract Address






Max. Supply

110 000 000 ZING


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