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Are you addicted to Lottery and Cryptocurrency trading? We are introducing ZING Token just for cryptocurrency and gambling lovers. ZING Token can be used to buy lottery tickets on with the addition of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Lottery and Cryptocurrency

The lottery has become famous since the 90s and cryptocurrencies since 2005. Zeering focuses on providing anonymous medium to lottery buyers on avoiding credit card and bank payments to make the purchase. Most often people want to hide their identity when playing lottos, in such case zeering is the best choice. Of course at the end, if you win the jackpot, you need to verify your identity at respective state lottery authorities. Zeering is the only platform which allows buying lottery tickets with cryptocurrency, there are many other platforms organizing blockchain lottery but zeering is uniquely providing support for "Official Lotteries" around the world.

Zeering is catering to one of the highest spending industries in the United States ($192 million per day) and is entering the market with no visible competition. Lotto purchases in the US topped $70.15 billion dollars in revenue for 2017. This previous figure is driven by the requirement that Lotto purchasers visit a retail outlet, wait in line and pay with cash only. A large number of people forgo their prizes because they lose, damage or forget to check their tickets. In fact, a grand total of 2.04 billion dollars went unclaimed in 2014, of which, there were 300 jackpot prizes worth over 1 million dollars consumers lost out on. Zeering users will never experience this problem.

Why don't you try your luck today? Play lottery on now!

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