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關於 Match 6

Match 6 Lotto is the PA Lottery game with a starting jackpot of $500,000 and lots of ways to win Lottery prizes! The Match 6 Lotto jackpot grows until someone picks the winning Lottery numbers. If more than one person wins the jackpot, the winners will split the Match 6 Lotto jackpot prize. All Match 6 Lotto Lottery prize payments, including the jackpot prize, will be made as one-time, lump-sum cash payments.

A winning ticket is entitled only to the highest prize won by those numbers on each play, plus the highest prize won by those numbers on the combined game. Check out the charts below for details on Match 6 Lotto prizes and CHANCES OF WINNING*, and check out the official Match 6 Lotto rules.

Match 6 may be played up to 26 nightly drawings in advance

Take your winning ticket to a PA Lottery retailer to validate. The retailer may pay valid Lottery prizes up to and including $2,500 per ticket. If the Lottery payout is over $600, you must complete a claim form. You must also file a claim form for any winning Lottery ticket older than 180 days. For more details, see how to claim a Lottery prize.

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